Shahrukh Khan’s Amazing Car Collection

King Khan’s Prized possession
Shahrukh Khan needs no introduction as he is the king of romance who makes million of us crazy and has been highly acclaimed actor in bollywood. He has an enviable car collection that will make car lovers take notice.

The Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan owned a Maruti Van when he was in school but now he is a proud owner of many luxurious cars. He has always been a lover of BMW cars which can be seen from his garage lineup below

The cars Shahrukh owns are:
1). BMW 7-Series

Shahrukh khan's BMW 7-series

2). BMW 6-Series

SRK BMW 6-Series (Shahrukh Khan)

3). Audi A6

Shahrukh Khan A6

4). Rolls Royce

Shahrukh khan Rolls Royce5). Bentley Continental GT

Shahrukh Khan Bentley Continental GT

6). Land Cruiser

Sharukh Khan Land Cruiser

7). Mitsubishi Pajero

Shahrukh Khan Mitsubishi Pajero

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