Best Sedan Under 10 Lacs

Buying a sedan is considered a luxury here in India. Even if it costs only a couple of lakhs more than an average hatchback!

Sedans, under the Rs 10 lakh bracket come aplenty these days, with most of them being immensely successful. Let’s take a look at the best of the ones priced under the price range of Rs. 10 lakhs:

1)      Hyundai Verna Fluidic

Starts at Rs 7.00 lakhs for Petrol, Rs 8.10 lakhs for diesel

Verna Fluidic is miles ahead of its previous version. With its stunning looks and the new design theme, Verna looks classy and is as capacious as ever. Available in both petrol and diesel versions, Verna without any doubt, has to be the numero uno sedan in the list.

2)      Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Starting from Rs 5.10 lakhs for Petrol, Rs 6.15 lakhs for diesel

The Swift franchise isn’t short of a rage in the country. Purchase of this car requires buyers to go through several months of waiting period. And this is because of the deadly combination of brand Maruti, the option of petrol and diesel variants, a compact sedan and an affordable price. And these features bring Dzire to the number 2 spot in the list.

3)      Nissan Sunny

Starting from Rs 6 lakhs for petrol, Rs 8.10 lakhs for diesel

Okay, my personal favorite, Sunny has been a revelation. It is an ace in every department. Spacious as any other car, Sunny looks brilliant from the inside and the outside. Add to it, presence of both diesel and petrol variants and you have all that you want. Sunny in a word is just ‘WOW’ stuff!


4)      Honda City

Starts from 6.99 lakhs for petrol version, no Diesel Version 

This doesn’t come as a surprise does it? City has been Honda’s ace sedan since long and has bettered the car everytime it has modified it. Consisting of a powerful Honda engine and futuristic looks, City finds a place at #4 in the list. Though, absence of a diesel version comes across as an absolute sore thumb.


5)      Fiat Linea

Starts from 7 lakhs for petrol, 8.05 l for diesel

At number 5, is Linea by Fiat. Launched in 2009, Linea became famous for its looks immediately after it released. Boasting of not one but three engines, Linea has comfortable interiors and a spacious cabin. The car however, falls behind its competitors because of Fiat’s weak brand image.


When you can avail such awesome sedans at economical prices, what’s the need aiming for cars that demand huge and hefty paychecks and offer you approximately the same features?

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